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Flexpro™ Gaskets – Style ZG

Style ZG is a variation of Style PN , utilizing an integral outer location ring for correct gasket positioning within the flange bolt circle or in a recess. Style ZG is recommended for use on standard raised face and flat face flange assemblies. Standard core materials are 4mm thick, while the soft gasket facing are […]

Flexpro™ Gaskets – Style ZA

The Style ZA is a slight variation on the Style ZG. The integral outer locating ring is replaced by a loose fitting, independent, thinner locating ring. The loose fitting ring allows for expansion and contraction without excessive stress being induced in the solid metal core. Depending on centering ring material and thickness, the ZA may […]

Flexpro™ Gaskets – Style PN

Style PN is a basic construction Flexpro™ gasket consisting of a serrated metallic core, incorporating soft gasket sealing facings. Style PN Flexpro™ are selected for use in confined locations, including male and female, tongue and groove and recessed flange arrangements. Standard core thickness is 4mm, while soft gasket facings are usually 0.5mm thick, although these […]

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