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Nuclear Power Applications

This guide is for general use only, please contact us for your specific application.

Spiral Wound Style CG & CGI

Style CG Flexible Graphite

Utilizes an external ring which accurately centers gasket on flange face: provides additional radial strength to prevent gasket blowout and acts as a compression stop. A general purpose gasket suitable for use with flat face and raised face flanges.

Style CGI Flexible Graphite

Suitable for use with flat face and raised face flanges and specified for high pressure/temperature service or where corrosive or toxic media are present.


715 Sheet Cut Gaskets

High-performance coreless sheet material.  Replacement of compressed fiber sheet line, SF 2401, 2420, 3300, 5000 and tanged graphite sheet.  Provides total freedom from oxidation. Broad chemical compatibility range.  Fire safe.  Genuine opportunity for gasket standardization and inventory consolidation.  Wide service capability.

  • Max Temperature: 850°F (454°C)
  • Max Pressure: 2030 psig (290 bar) (Class 150–300)
  • ASME m: 3.2
  • ASME y: 4200 psi (29 MPa)

815 Sheet Cut Gaskets

High temperature sheet reinforced with a 0.004˝, 316L stainless steel tanged core. Provides total freedom from oxidation. Chemical compatibility exceeds graphite. Fire safe with proven global track record.

  • Max Temperature: 1800°F (982°C)
  • Max Pressure: 2900 psig (200 bar) (Class 150–300)
  • ASME m: 2.0
  • ASME y: 2500 psi (17 MPa)

835 Spiral Wound

  • High temperature filler material for spiral wound gaskets
  • Cryogenics to 1800ºF / 982ºC
  • Class 150 to 2500
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